Welcome to Yogaprints!

Hello and welcome to Yogaprints.dk ! 

My name is Marie Jørgensen and I am the person behind yogaprints. I have been in love with yoga since 2001 and teaching yoga since 2010 besides my job as a freelance animator and Art Director on different film and theater projects.

In the beginning of 2015 I was browsing the web to find a yoga poster to put up in my living room next to my yoga mat. However I couldn't find anything that fit what I had in my head; A poster, that showed the basic poses and their sanskrit names, presenting them in a modern, simple and esthetic way with natural human bodies I could relate to.

After a while of searching it hit me - why not just make it myself? 

So I simply started to sketch the most basic poses of yoga and paint them in with watercolor. The concept slowly grew from there and after a couple of months I had a poster with 64 yoga poses and five other yoga posters.


My mission is to show bodies in all sizes and challenge the general perception of what a yoga body should look like. Because yoga is literally for every body. No matter your gender, size, colour, sexual orientation or whatever. I try my best to reflect that in my work. Also, it is a lot more fun and interesting to draw different body shapes and colours than sticking to a generic stereotype. I hope to create artwork that resonates with yogis all over the world and that you can recognize a piece of yourself in the drawings.

Once again, thank you for visiting! 


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