Stop and drop yoga

Stop and drop yoga

199,00 kr

My friend @yogapersondoingyoga on instagram challenged me to do a "stop and drop yoga" and post it on instagram. I was very, very pregnant at the time and still busy working so I had completely stopped practicing yoga because I simply couldn´t find the energy to practice. I was heavy, tired and focused on getting the job done so I could give birth. So this pose was as advanced as it got.

To my surprise this drawing got a lot of attention. On my own profile people found it hilarious and some could really relate which was great. But it also got picked up by a number of big "viral" profiles with sensational content. It got a lot of hate comments on those profiles. It really surprised me that a drawing would get that much hate and people felt intitled to write the most awful things. But somehow it woke me up and made me remember how important it is to keep drawing and representing all kinds of bodies on social media and everywhere else.  Saggy boobs, hairy armpits, swollen legs - it´s not dangerous or sensational, it´s just plane normal. 

Size A4 or A5

Sold without frame. 

Please note that this illustration is printed to order which means that delivery times can be up to 5 work days longer than other orders.