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Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal yoga poster by yoga prints
detail prenatal yoga poster by yoga prints

Prenatal Yoga

249,00 kr

Prenatal yoga poster with 43 different yoga poses you can do during pregnancy. Use the poster merely as decoration or as an inspiration for your home practice.

Prenatal yoga teacher and Doula Neelu Shruti who owns Love Child Yoga in New York has carefully designed the sequence so you will get a safe and well rounded experience that takes you through the entire body. Do the poses on both sides and take your time to relax and completely slow down in the end.

Props suggested for this sequence:

  • Two blocks (or a couple of books) to elevate the floor in some of the poses to create more space in the pelvis and spine.
  • Yoga bolster to sit on in the beginning and and to lie on for the relaxation.

Important: Always listen to your body while doing yoga - this is especially important during pregnancy. Every body is different and big changes are happening in the body. Not one size fits all so if a pose doesn't feel right for you then skip it and take a break. If you are in doubt about what to do and not to do then please consult a prenatal yoga teacher, your midwife or doctor.

Follow @lovechildyoga on instagram and find more info about Neelu and Love Child Yoga here.

The poster is made by artist and yoga teacher Marie Jørgensen, the owner of Yoga Prints. The pregnant yoga people are painted with watercolor, scanned and layoutet digitally and finally printed in Denmark.

Sold without frame.