About Yoga prints

The story behind Yoga prints

My name is Marie Jørgensen, and I am an artist and animator who has been in love with yoga since 2001 and teaching yoga since 2010.

In the beginning of 2015, I was browsing the web to find a yoga poster to put up in my living room next to my yoga mat. However I wasn’t able to find anything close to what I had envisioned: A poster with the basic poses and their names, aesthetically presented in a simple fashion with natural and relatable human bodies.

After a while of futile searching, it hit me — why not just make it myself?

With a professional background in animation and visual storytelling for films and theater, it just made sense to simply start sketching. And so, I started with the most basic yoga poses and painted them in with water color. After a couple of months, I had a poster with 64 yoga poses and five other yoga and meditation posters. And now, I want to share them with the world.


Yoga prints’ mission is to show the human body in all its wonderful diversities and hereby challenge the general perception of what “a yoga body” should look like. Because yoga is for every body.

With Yoga prints, I hope to create artwork that resonates with yogis all over the world, allowing everyone to recognize a piece of themselves in the drawings and feel a sense of confidence and assurance.

Practical information

I work and ship the yoga posters from my studio in Copenhagen, Denmark where I run my company "Art by Major”.

If you are in Copenhagen you can also visit my showroom / shop. Openings hours are not fixed from February - April due to business with other projects. But you are always welcome to write an email or call to make an appointment to visit! 

You will find the shop at Borups Allé 31, 2200 Copenhagen N. View map here

All of my posters and prints are printed on natural white, recycled paper with the nordic environmental certification “Svanemærket” as well as the EU ecolabel.


I ship worldwide - but please note that customs tariffs might apply outside of EU. Orders are shipped within 2 work days with Post Danmark. See more info on shipping times here.


Should you have any questions about an order or are you interested in knowing more about Yogaprints you are always welcome to write me an email.



Product photos on Yogaprints.dk are taken by Søren Malmose and Marie Jørgensen.